Writer and artist

with a particular interest in

philosophy, psychology, fiction, 

art history and photography, 

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For as long as i can remember, i have always gravitated towards things like storytelling, poetry, and philosophy.

Essentially, anything which encourages us to see the world in a different way - or to feel something we may never have felt before. 

I am also extremely passionate about fine art.

And, being predominately self educated, take a lot of personal inspiration from the Renaissance Ideal of being a Polymath.

As such, i work across many different fields - from Fiction and Poetry; to Philosophy, Drawing, Photography, Science, Psychology and more.

But, in all mediums, my goal remains the same

To tell stories

To express emotion in it's purest form

To bring philosophy to a new audience

And to create work which is timeless.


War and Peace,

Ana Karenina,

The Count of Monte Cristo,

Les Miserables,

Le Grande Meulnes,

The Phantom of The Opera,

The Iliad and The Odyssey

(Non Fiction):

The Meditations (Marcus Aurelius),

Apology, Republic and Phaedo (Plato),

Confucius' Analects,

The Tao Te Ching, 

The Discourses of Epictetus,

The Letters Of Seneca

Favourite Books




  • Short story "Judes" published with Unexplained Mysteries.com (2012)

  • Debut book:  The Diary of an Old Drunk (published in print, 2017. )

  • Short story Poor Guy - published  2018

  • Love and Loss - Published May April 2020

  • Stories of Sages and Sibyls - Published July 2020

(Non Fiction)

  • The Fibonacci Model for Higher Dimensions - Published January 2020

  • Contributor on medium.com (Topics including Ancient Philosophy, Futurism and psychology)

  • Article published with LifeHack - Calisthenic Fitness Training  (2016)

  • Various published articles on Philosophy, Psychology, The Arts and Futurism



  • Photos published online, and in print

  • Collaborations with  Luxury/high end clients along with magazines and charitable organizations

  • Specialising in fine art photographer - particularly landscape, abstract, black and white, and figurative 


  • Creating original drawings and illustrations - based on the work of the old Masters

  • Exhibiting work online via georgesamuelgallery.com - and selling work internationally

Main influences


Marcus Aurelius,




Lao Tzu,


Carl Jung,

Leo Tolstoy,

Alexandre Dumas

Leonardo da Vinci,


Vincent van Gogh,

Pablo Picasso

Lord Byron, 

William Shakespeare,

All work © 2021 George Samuel                                                                    For all enquiries and to purchase work, please get in touch

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