Song for Bebe

Poor Bee, 

She was always in a reverie

But each time we spoke

It was poetry.

She told me that i was her prayer come true

And i said

"That's nothing compared to you"

For she was the closest thing to a dream

That' i'd ever seen.

But love is too much for such as we

And something not meant for one like me.

And though she was more me than i was myself

Her promise was made to somebody else.

So i had to watch

With every day

As she gave herself away. 

And now

Whenever i see her face

My heart breaks

In a different place

That girl was my life

My everything.

And now she's wearing someone elses ring. 

And all of the love that we once shareed

Just turns into air.

All work © 2020 George Samuel                                                                    For all enquiries and to purchase work, please get in touch

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