Through photography, i am trying to explore the innate spirituality and philosophy in the world around us.

Like most people, i love looking at nature's grandeur - with mountainous landscapes, and expansive vistas. 

But, at the same time - i find the smaller, more modest, beauty equally profound. And, as we find in reading things like Haikus, Zen Koans, or Stoic Aphorisms, - simplicity can often contain the greatest wisdom.

That is why i like to focus most of my attention on showing simple beauty in a deeper way.  

And, by combing photography with little prose meditations - i hope to express a small part of the vast reality all around us. 

No matter what we look at - everything contains meaning;.

It is just about knowing how to see. 

Are you the Water

Or the Wave?

All work © 2020 George Samuel                                                                    For all enquiries and to purchase work, please get in touch

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