Alongside my other creative pursuits - fitness is an extremely important part of my life.

As an independant practice - helping with both mental and physical health - it has been almost essential to me. 

And, at the same time, i see it as an extension of both Art and Philosophy too; because it helps us in cultivating deeper qualities  i.e discipline, resilience, inner strength and more. 

Personally, my training centres around  Calisthenics / Bodyweight exercises.

(Calisthenics coming from the Greek words:

Kalos = Beauty


Sthenos = strength).

And, like most things, i take a lot of inspiration from history - where various ancient societies would use exercise as a way of cultivating a philosophical lifestyle. (From Spartan Calisthenics, to Martial Artists, Yogis and Tribal Runners, to name but a few).

Of course, in our modern times, the fitness industry is so saturated. So i don't profess to be any kind of personal trainer as such.

Rather, i am someone just trying to encourage an alternative. 

Showing how fitness is not just about an aesthetic ideal - but, actually, can be something much deeper. 

And, when we combine fitness with philosophy, we can become stronger both physically and mentally.

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Training Mantras

1. Always keep in mind the wisdom from the Delphic Oracle;

Know Yourself


Nothing in excess.

2. Train Mind and Body together - as a whole.

3. Do not compare yourself to others.

No matter if they look bigger, stronger, faster,  or thinner . . . it is not important.

You are on your own path. 

4. Train to cultivate internal strength and inner beauty - and the outer will take care of itself.

5. Remember that, just as there are many forms of beauty - there are also many effective training styles.

So, rather than just copying the norm - find something you are really passionate about. And become as good as you can at that.


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