The art of Magic

George's work as a performance artist revolves around the ancient practices of Close up Magic / illusion and Mentalism. 

Initially starting as a card magician - he is now building a reputation as an exciting, up and coming, illusionist; looking to perform close up at a variety of events (business and private) - in addition to other projects on stage and screen.

Booking enquiries are currently open.

So, for any enquiries about bringing close up magic to your next event, please get in touch.


So much of my creative work is, essentially, is routed in magic.

After all, drawing is about using pen and paper to create the illusion of reality. 

And storytelling is about making fictions appear real.

But, in terms of performance art, i feel like there is something really wonderful about doing "impossible" things in real time . . . right before someone's eyes. And leaving a real sense of wonder. 

All work © 2020 George Samuel                                                                    For all enquiries and to purchase work, please get in touch