Mirror Writing

I first started writing in mirror script after being inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. 

It is said that he wrote this way for a few reasons, including it's use a way of protecting his ideas from being stolen; and, also, for practicality too. (Leonardo was left handed - and conscious of smudges. Though, of course, many other great artists throughout history have also been left handed - but very few have resorted to a similar practice).

However, there is a further reasons why i think Leonardo may have written this way. And, actually, this ties in with why i continue to write this way too (aside from it's simple novelty).

Because Mirror writing forces one to both formulate and express ideas from a different angle. I.e to, literally, think differently.

After all, no matter which specific language we may be working in - our regular writing is often so formulaic. Formally taught to us from a young age; and then never really questioned since then.

But, the essence of creativity is to go against what we might have been told. To break the mould, so to speak.


And this doesn't just mean in big projects like art, or invention etc. 

It is a mindset which will benefit us in everything we do - allowing us to realise that very few"rules" are ever really set in stone.

And, being mostly self taught too, this is something i believe Leonardo would have understood more than most.

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