The Wisdom of Nature

There is a lot of wisdom to be found simply in observing Nature's ways.

From noticing the mechanics of material life - to meditating on the deeper nature of our own selves.

And the best part is, there are no barriers to entry in order to study nature's ways. 

All we need to do is pay attention

From the Waves and the Tides, we can learn about the ebb and flow of life. How everything is in constant motion - even when, on the surface, the seas appear still.

From the Leaves and the Trees, we can learn about life's cycles. How all things grow, blossom, bloom, and fade with the seasons.

From the myriad of plants and animals, we can learn about infinite creative potential.

Seeing that no two things are ever identical - but all exist as unique, individual expressions of the same whole.

From the polarities of night and day, light and shadow, hot and cold etc . . . we can learn that all opposites are inextricable linked to eachother. Nothing exists in isolation.

From water, ice, and air - we can learn about life's mutability. How one essential form can come in many different material ways.

From the stars above, we can learn about the nature of time. Seeing that past and present exist together, as one.

And, in turning inwards - paying attention to our own nature - we can learn about existence in it's purest state.

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