Why I walk - Excerpt

Writing these little meditations has made me realise that I often use analogies like rhythm and music when i talk about walking.

And it is funny because, while a lot of people might see walking as something slow, or mundane - actually, in it's purest sense, it is more like dancing. (After all - even the most complex dance routines, revolve around a series of individual steps).

It is just that the beats we are dancing to when we walk, are much more subtle than those we may hear at a party, or festival.

Here, we are dancing to the rhythm of life. Something which is constantly at play all around us - but which we so often overlook when going about our day to day lives.

You see, most of the time, we are like workers, undertaking various jobs and responsibilities, with music playing in the background.

Now, of course, sometimes a particular song might catch our attention for a moment. Or, we might hear a familiar excerpt, which might cause us to smile, or frown, for a time.

But, in general, we barely notice what is playing; focusing instead on much more important things. And, as such, the music from the radio just floats in the air around us - drifting in one ear, and out the other.

It still affects us - because all sensory stimulation seeps into our soul on some level.

But it's affects are unconscious. We never realise them.

It is only when we stop what we are doing and really pay attention, that we can start to actually understand this music that is playing.

Then, we not only learn more about the tune and the lyrics - but, more importantly, we learn how this song is actually making us feel. Essentially, making the unconscious, conscious.

And, this is exactly what happens when walking too. We allow ourselves the space to connect with the world around us.

The rhythm of life is constantly playing; from the heartbeat of the city streets - to the easy breathing of the country air - to the song of the birds - or the buzz and hum of the insects.

And, all of these things are just the macrocosm to what is happening in our own self too.

With our own heartbeat. And our own breath. And our own life rhythm.

For some reason, we rarely take the time to listen to these things. (And, in fact, in our modern times, many people are using all kinds of technological distractions in order to block life out!)

But, when we walk, they come to the surface again.

Allowing us to understand clearer both where we are, and who we are.

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