My personal story is quite complex - so i would need a lot more time to explain things in full. 

But, as so much of what i do now is rooted in where i am coming from, i want to just give a brief overview of my background here. And, hopefully, my work will help to tell the rest.

For much of my life, i have never really fitted in anywhere.  (And, in truth, i still don't)


Throughout my teens, i struggled a lot with mental health - particularly depression and anxiety. 

At 13, i developed an eating disorder - becoming dangerously underweight.

At 16, i ended up dropping out of formal education altogether.

And, until the age of 21, I essentially lived the life of a recluse - suffering Severe Depression, OCD and BDD.

So, from first hand experiences, i definitely know loneliness more than most. And even now - though i am much recovered - i feel like my life is shaped by these years in the wilderness.

But, at the same time, i feel like these experiences have given me a unique view on the world.

And, certainly, gave me access to things i might never have discovered otherwise.


After all - when i knew formal education wasn't going to be an option for me - i turned to self education instead; reading as many classics as i could, in the hope that they would help me to deal with things better.  (For my some of my favourite books, please see the list at the bottom of this page)

I also started writing more seriously - as a way of expression.

And eventually moved on to exploring a variety of other arts too.


All of which, i am still learning

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